Blood Stains

Tell me your lies again,
Whisper them softly so they may
Cover the pain in my side, you caused,
So much pain I can’t fathom the way
It hurts so much, yet these tears of joy,
Smile on my face carries away
The doubt, I rub the wound,
You pierce the flesh and I pray,
Forgiveness falls on you because no one deserves,
The way you tainted me.


Rivers of diligence flow here,
Pouring into the sea of the world,
Big fish, little fish, swim their hardest,
For the prize they think they deserve.

They put their best foot forward,
Stretched beside eager competitors,
But for some strides, not as strong,
Strength only deserving of silver.

Your trophy, your medal,
Manifested symbols of competition,
Pride and glory, never satisfied,
Only repressed to remission.