What’s strength to a genius?
Something he might not have or need,
Or even consider to believe is superior,
To the wealth of knowledge he can conceive.

What’s sleep to the energized?
Those that love to run, jump and fly,
Just another thing that may take away,
The thrill of living a full life.

What’s faith to a non-believer?
Concepts made to distract his thoughts,
Of things he thinks are not just thoughts,
But facts of a fact that he does not believe.

What’s a set of rules to an outsider?
The ropes wrapped around society’s throats,
That tug and tighten at the sight of someone,
Who swims in an ocean full of boats.


I got some advice the other day,
Told me I had to change,
Told me I must conform to every way
Society tells me no matter how strange.

Someone said to get where I want, I
Must imitate those who have done
The things before me, cheat and lie,
Is this something you teach your son?

I know it’s hard out there, in this big
World I have only begun to see,
Yet it has always been a difficult thing,
To step in another’s footsteps, not me.

Still the actions I make define my fate,
But when it all changes, they will  look to blame,
The day will come, and I cannot wait,
I’ll make my own path, I will change the game.

Power of Words

They told us to watch the words,
The words that came out of our mouths,
But what happens when some words
Are abused by many and thrown about.

To convince others of things they don’t mean,
And whether the words are quiet or loud,
Can change the way we interpret the words
That float around above heads like clouds.

If our words can form a dangerous lie,
Perhaps words deserve less attention then,
For something that many cannot deny,
A person’s actions more accurately define them.

Do not mistake me, words have power,
The power to hurt and the power to heal,
Coming from your enemy or significant other,
Know to differentiate the fake from the real.


I take no sides in a world
of lies told by men and women alike,
because I’ve found it a waste of time
to out myself below these thoughts,
These thoughts of man.

So if I don’t use their thoughts,
I must use my own, and yet…
What are my thoughts?
Where are my thoughts?
These thoughts of mine.

I’ve forgotten many things,
Things about myself,
The things I like, that make me happy,
Thoughts that once brought smiles,
These thoughts are gone.