This roller-coaster gets you nauseous,
Yet you haven’t even got on,
Ups and downs, assumptions inbound,
First time you’ve been on this one.

We’ve been on these rides, couple times,
Yet the flips and spins still scare you,
You strap up, take off, cover your eyes,
Missing the adventure in front of you.

You “know” you’ll be scared if you watch,
Because you’ve been on roller coasters before,
Yet they’re not all the same, this one can’t be blamed,
Can’t be afraid to take a ride once more.

If you looked for a moment you’d see…
These flips are different, these turns are new,
Yet every jolt of the cart, triggers jolt in your heart,
Afraid you’ll change your colors to black and blue.

If I tell you it’s safe, you tell me it’s not,
Only willing to hear the words in your head,
If you blind your eyes and deafen your ears,
We won’t need a crash to end up dead.

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