Heat Flash

My head is in flames,
My hair like cinder.
This anger I claim,
In this depressing winter.

Some burning fever,
And pulsing brain,
Causing broken tethers
And rushing pain.

Tearing through ties,
Keeping composure,
My head that cries
The blood on my shoulder.
Avoiding exposure,
Hoping this dies,
And seeking some closure.

What You Don’t Know…

They say what you don’t know,
Won’t hurt you.
But what if the things you didn’t know
Were not merely a few
Things that affected you
In any way or form,
Cause you only care
If it’s a tearing storm.

What if you came through the door,
Fell on the floor,
But had a terminal illness
Destroying your core,
You tell me
Which hurts more.

Another scenario,
In a really bad mood,
Something’s toxic,
It’s your food.
You don’t know and you eat it,
You die, boo-hoo,
Or you know and avoid it,
And not be the fool.

Seems what you don’t know can hurt,
May even put you below the dirt.
So what you do know can save you,
And what you don’t know can destroy you.


My mind lingered
On the unnecessary.
Rather than
The Necessity.

Time withered away,
Like my interest in many things.
In cold nights and warm days,
I spend my time thinking.

Now my path is clear,
The mist that filled
My mind has disappeared.
My eyes focused until
I get there,
A place I can stand still.


Saying it softly,
So you could hear more.
Touching you softly,
So you could feel more.

Whispering the words,
That make your body shake.
Rubbing the curves,
That make your body quake.

Touching your thoughts,
So you might remember me.
Touching your heart,
So you might care for me.