A quake splits the ground beneath us,
With force that lifts the earth’s dust,
Losing sight, I wish I could just
Tell you how I feel.
But deep beneath the dreaded lust
Floats a strand of tampered trust,
And there comes a time when we must
Acknowledge that this is what’s real.

You may try to get to this side,
Stretching your hands wishing you could fly
Into my arms, lay there and cry,
And tell me about your day.
Yet I don’t need that kind
Of attachment in my life,
Not right now, so I…
Will just look the other way.


Go ahead and say what you want
Of the people you love to whisper and taunt,
Talking of the personalities they flaunt
Involuntarily without a second thought.
Think of the things you say,
The awful words you spray
From the mouths you’ve so wrongfully made
The weapons to whither someone’s flame.
Words like weird, creepy or strange,
They harbour in their brains,
In their bedrooms at night when they lay
Their thoughts on a hate stained tray.
See these psychos can be really smart,
Really clever and really sharp,
The same crazies that destroy an office
Or go to school with a gun for their classmates.
Call them whatever you like because
When you don’t think of your words,
Someone does.


I think I’m at a crossroads,
Two roads of friends and foes
And I don’t know where they go,
But I hope they make me grow
Out of the feeling of disappointment
I’ve come to know.
Perhaps it’s not all bad though,
Development still occurring,
Albeit very slow,
Maybe go with the flow,
So I can keep my head clear,
And keep composure so I don’t choke.
Making the best of a bad situation.