Two pieces, broken from one,
Split by an unyielding force,
A line of imprint down the middle,
Separating cause and effect at the source.

So my heart grows, split among veins,
My brain, my thoughts, my feelings separate,
The emotion thoughts once caused has gone,
Slowly detached from the past, new bonds to create.


A dreadful thought of apathy
Mellows my mind in these times,
Noticing pains but lacking sympathy,
Predictability as much these rhymes,
Consequences of falsehood and dishonesty,
Tainting the honour of their tongues,
A world so strangely counter-productive,
Wishing for rights in acts of wrong,
Beneath rubble of shattered skin,
Cries of vanity echo along
Walls painted with their memories,
If the arsonists of burning buildings
Could be saved,
Would they be so deserving?


I wish we all got what we wanted,
All the things we worked for,
All the strains and sprains,
Pains caused by the redundant effort,
In hopes the end transcends the means,
Sadly it never went so easily,
Plans change, people change,
Some never get the chance,
So we, of luck, must do our best,
To better the world they left for us,
Carrying their dreams, their love, their legacy.