Every day is,
Simply a blessing,
So I’ll take my time,
To just stop stressing.

I’ll take the things,
That bring me joy,
That remind me of
Being a little boy.

But not every man rises,
On the crack of dawn,
When the midnight dew
Leaves teardrops on their lawn.

So I’ll be grateful for life,
What I love, I will not neglect,
For my endless sleep will come,
So I’ll forget all regret.

Breaking Dawn

Waiting for the sun,
To break the dark night,
To shine on the new day,
With the brightest light.

The stars have gone,
Away with the moon,
And I get the feeling,
The sun will be here soon.

Before the sky lights blue,
It burns blood red,
From the hallow black,
When the sleepers remain dead.