Don’t feed me your words raw,
Lest I choke on tasteless promises,
Coat them in the flavours I like,
With spices of endearing lies,
Lay them over the counter,
Spread them out flat,
Press down hard so they sink in,
Mix them with sweet words
So I won’t be bitter,
Don’t let one inch go uncovered,
So I may enjoy the feast of fuckery
You’ve prepared for me,
Served on a broken plate with no forks to give.


Words hurt, I know,
Not only when they hit you,
But even when they scrape their way
Through your teeth too,
Feels like your gums bleed emotion,
Your heart feels it as well,
A shiver it sends with a loud pulse,
Then the awkwardness swells,
You convinced yourself of this,
To put it all out on the floor,
Now strong feelings weigh your eyes,
Can’t look at their face anymore…
Silence…leaves their mouth just as swift,
You look back up just as far
Enough to see the look in their eyes,
Just as frightened as you are,
You readied your confession, but not your patience,
Your shields are down, wide open,
You look to their mouth, a slight twitch,
What happens after the silence is broken?


Seduce her with this art,
Prepare the complementary bullets
To draw tears from her eyes as you start
To tell her how she’s special and beautiful,
Wonderful, thoughtful, grateful and just full
Of all the things you love, what a mouthful
Of things you made up on the spot but it’s fine,
She’s blushing now, smiling with bright eyes
As you distract her from your undertone,
You exchange words, she replaces her
Intuition with false appreciation,
She won’t stop thinking of you now,
You’ve seduced her.