You weren’t here very long,
And you left without a say,
Your essence drained,
Day by day.

You and I were very close,
Almost inseparable,
But staying around for long,
Something you weren’t capable.

I turned my eyes away,
And I abandoned your goal,
But when i turned my eyes around,
You descended into a deep hole.

But I don’t want you back,
Your presence caused too much pain,
Because carrying your burden
Was just one immense strain.

Now it’s not about you,
Now it’s about me,
Now your goal and existence
Aren’t worth the painful memory.


It’s all too simple,
Living in the norm,
Because I would much rather
Live in some different form.

We see what we see,
And we hear what we hear,
Causing pleasure or joy
Or strain or fear.

But after so many lies,
I no longer see with my eyes,
And when they didn’t care,
There were no more listening ears.

And when it all becomes clear,
I will spear not a single tear.

Letter Ten

Do you still think about me
Or did you ever
Because I still think of you
Wherever, whenever

The things spoken
And the things shared
Of the nice things you heard
Resulting in wasted tears

I never lie about my feelings
And there are many things that I would wish for
But there are no shooting  stars tonight
Nor are there any wishbones
Because your absence
Turns the heart to stone

The Stadium

You can hear it can’t you
Everyone’s voice in the background
The ones cheering you on
And the ones hoping you tumble down

Yet you keep running
Paying no mind to the voices you hear
Using all your energy
Trying to get somewhere

But you’re on a track with no finish line
And you’re the only one running on it
You’ve slowed down several times
Widening the gap between you and the line that doesn’t exist

But you’ll run as fast as you can
Knowing you’ll never reach me