Late Nights

My eyes bleed red,
My arms lay dead,
And all the thoughts
That rush from my head,
Are lost to the world,
As a lay on my bed.

Then releases a yawn,
As the night welcomes dawn,
And my consciousness withers,
Like the flowers on the lawn,
Their inhabitants still,
As the things I’ve drawn.

My eyes shut slow,
The blood still flows,
And my body takes rest
From head to my toe,
Then i make return to dreams,
The only place I know.


What’s in the mirror you ask?
Just the potential for broken glass.
Because something clear cannot be changed,
Nor can the feel of pity exchange.

I know I can’t be a good person,
A danger is how I should be identified,
Or maybe I’m just trying to justify
All the bad things that happen.

But, maybe there’s more to this thought,
Of all the things we were taught,
And the upbringing they gave us
Was how our minds were bought.

So I don’t mind being the one,
That burns with the pain
Of a thousand suns, but,
I’ll still stand here, waiting for the rain.


Tired of the heavy words,
That only seem to set my
Emotions to spur, because inside
I know my true worth.

There are things they say,
That define what a person is,
But I know my way defines
Someone who knows who he is.

So don’t tell me what a certain kind
Of person does, simply because
That’s the kind of me you have in mind.

I’m happy the way I am,
Regardless of all the faults and truths
I can see in myself, because I am me not you.


When the leaves begin to grow,
So does the feel of danger.
The spring breaks the freezing snow,
And the heart breaks its chamber.

The ice melts on dry grass,
It grows from that which froze it.
But the time of nurturing will pass,
Such is the nature of conflict.

Perhaps the seasons change with intent,
Otherwise it would be a mere sin,
To have held such contempt,
Only to wither away in the wind.


You got struck,
Blood coming
out, A deep cut,
Tears running
down your face,
You think what
else could cause this pain.

You blinked twice,
Missed your chance to
have something so nice,
Something only a few
get to know, But it’s alright,
Thinking of you
in the long nights,
Thinking what could cause this strain.


They called him indifferent,
But he never cared,
He never hid his opinions,
He made them all clear.

Some called him a loner,
Walking a road on his own,
Not bothering to look either side,
Moving forward, his goal.

But she called him amazing,
Being taken by his mind,
His voice, his eyes and his strength,
But these made her blind
to the truth of his actions,
Using indifference to bury her kind.

Horror House

There is a scary place i know,
Where time can move slow,
And the terrible things inside
that if you are unlucky to find,
Will only make the fear grow.

There is so much death,
And so much wrath,
But then it all resets
in the aftermath.

I’m burdened with this place,
This terrible place is mine
alone, Because this place,
Exists in my mind.

Not Today

Let’s play with the mind,
What do you abide?
Tell me why do you try
To hide the things inside.

Your thoughts, your opinions,
To me it’s red, but you think crimson,
You think complex, but I’m simple,
Guess we’re just two different people.

But why did we even bother,
To get to know each other,
When one of us cannot even bother
To phone the other.

No goodbyes, no sound,
Guess I’ll see you around.