imPerfect Perception

Been avoiding the term perfection,
It’s always used by those with
A lack of depth perception,
The same people who think
That perfection lies in the eyes,
No more than gorgeous appearances
Required for one to entice
These people with the depth of a puddle.

But if I were to peel back your layers,
Cutting right down to the marrow,
I wouldn’t be surprised to find you’re
Just a body of something hollow,
But take a little time, if not more,
Fill that hallow with worth and respect,
Because the body, nor face, nor anything in flesh,
Will ever earn us the right to be perfect.

Twelfth Month Exodus

The end of another 365,
Be grateful to be alive,
Remembering those who died,
We prepare ourselves to dive
Into a deep sea of our continued lives.

For another 365 days,
We’ll find another 365 ways
Thinking of people who make
Us enjoy life upon each wake,
And the others we cast away.

I just hope we all remember,
For another January to December,
For another winter to winter,
To spend it loving each other,
All sisters, all brothers, all lovers.