I Can’t Swim

“I can’t swim…”
I whisper under my breath,
Staring at the reflecting waves,
Mesmerizing me with a glowing effect.

“I can’t swim.”
I say when step into the wet,
Deceiving myself, my abilities,
Descending into an ever growing depth.

“I can’t swim!”
I shout as the current takes hold,
Why did I step into deep waters,
Why was I so foolish and bold.

“I can’t swim!”
Not the best words for a final chant,
“I can’t…swim…”

Phantom Pains

The itch that keeps on itching,
An absent pain, a phantom sting,
The illusion of mild suffering,
When in truth, you felt nothing.

The after-effect of a phantom bite,
That keeps you up in bed at nights,
Reminding you of a long lost fight
The stinger had won before taking flight.

From the stinger, the toxin seeps in,
To pollute the body from within,
A price you pay for the sum of your sins,
Can’t kill a phantom, no way to win.