Somewhere in the field,
Stands the bane of the meadow,
Emerging from its shield,
A bud that lengthens the shadow.

With roots firmly in the mud,
And a stem that lengthens each day,
Petals reflecting the colour of blood,
Never washed or blown away.

Many want to make its roots torn,
To pick it away from its pleasure,
But best be careful of those thorns,
Not everyone deserves such a treasure.

Thermal Attraction

In the dark you shine,
Brighter than the stars,
I wish to call you mine,
But I remain from afar.

Your spark can ignite
The flames of passion,
To amaze me despite
The potential destruction.

Pull toward the glow,
I try to get close,
Yet before I could know,
Near the fire I froze.

So I created some space,
Kept watching all the same,
Drawn to your glimmering face,
Like a moth to the flame.

On a  path covered in smoke
From your glistening blaze,
Even if I burn, fall or choke,
I will admire you, always.


It’s getting dark now,
The longest day has
found its way to end,
And somehow…
It feels like it’s not over.

All the hours that
Turned to days, yet
I seemed to always
Tell myself that it
Wouldn’t be a waste.

Now the darkness comes,
To cover my thoughts, hiding
A town of memories I brought,
From the morning till noon,
Then lost in the dusk.