Blood, Sweat, Tears

Many moments of pain,
Many moments of fear,
Many moments of stress,
Blood, sweat and tears.

Many moments you stand,
When you feel that it’s right,
Many moments you ran,
You chose the fight or flight.

Now the strain is slipping,
And all tears have dried,
The blood stopped dripping,
And I’m still alive.

The Crow

I tried talking slow,
So i could let you know,
We are neither friend nor foe,
I just want you to go.

Through columns and rows,
Of the things i know,
That made us grow
Away from the flow.

So I’ll be the crow,
That doesn’t fly low,
And wingspan shows
A shadow far below.

A Journey

All things aside,
I still cannot fly,
So i’ll just glide,
And not touch the sky.

I’ve never seen the snow,
Only the tearing rain.
Though I still have time to grow,
I already know pain.

Where does it all end,
When does the last bell ring,
Coming to the light at the end of the tunnel
That’s sometimes blinding.


Is this where you put me,
In some deep dark hole,
Yet I’m not alone here,
More unfortunate souls.

Maybe you feel broken,
Or maybe you are guarded,
Maybe that was the reason,
Why we were all discarded.

When you have something in common,
It becomes quite a tendency,
To know someone’s pain,
From a common enemy.

But the hole is not eternal,
It certainly has an end,
And the ones that climb out,
Are the ones you once called ‘friend’.