Time has been spent, away from here,
Given to thoughts of reflection and anticipation,
Regrets overshadowed by towering desires,
Ambitions to drive one towards creation.

Plans for the future became clear as day,
Born from focus formed under philosophies,
Now I may return to life, from the abyss of absence,
To stamp out my mark in this reality.


Two pieces, broken from one,
Split by an unyielding force,
A line of imprint down the middle,
Separating cause and effect at the source.

So my heart grows, split among veins,
My brain, my thoughts, my feelings separate,
The emotion thoughts once caused has gone,
Slowly detached from the past, new bonds to create.


A dreadful thought of apathy
Mellows my mind in these times,
Noticing pains but lacking sympathy,
Predictability as much these rhymes,
Consequences of falsehood and dishonesty,
Tainting the honour of their tongues,
A world so strangely counter-productive,
Wishing for rights in acts of wrong,
Beneath rubble of shattered skin,
Cries of vanity echo along
Walls painted with their memories,
If the arsonists of burning buildings
Could be saved,
Would they be so deserving?


I wish we all got what we wanted,
All the things we worked for,
All the strains and sprains,
Pains caused by the redundant effort,
In hopes the end transcends the means,
Sadly it never went so easily,
Plans change, people change,
Some never get the chance,
So we, of luck, must do our best,
To better the world they left for us,
Carrying their dreams, their love, their legacy.

Back In Church

I remember this, somewhat,
Maybe it’s the different songs,
Different people, different words,
But I remember from not so long,
A place like this I used to go,
On every seventh morning glow,
Etched with symbols of cross and crown,
And white man in long white gown.

I’m wondering why I’m back here,
Wasn’t requested, merely brought,
Relocated by a father with something in mind,
Perhaps strong repentance in his thoughts,
But be it the memory’s flash through his lens,
Or the dollars he donates when collectors approach,
The air feels familiar, I remember it,
From when I didn’t question things so much.

Late Appreciation

The year ends soon,
It’s time to wrap up the change begun,
Some time ago, when a boy was sad,
Revived by the blazing sun,
The final thing, yet to be done,
A message of forgiveness, acceptance,
An admission of love,
The words you had hoped to hear, growing up
You were protected by your ignorance,
Till the world around you showed itself,
Judging, criticising, calling you names,
Sowing the seeds of self-hate,
Constricted by the effects of your mistakes,
Slowly, yet surely, more unaware of your beauty,
Demoting self-appreciation, in the name of modesty,
But now, I can say, your beauty is clear,
We are more familiar now, closer than ever,
That fear, rage and anger can go,
Wash them away with love, and know
You are an amazing person, we never knew,
Appreciation can show up late sometimes,
But you deserve the world, you always did,
Keep holding your head high as you learned,
Always remember the value of your worth,
I may not have seen it until now but,
We still have a long life left don’t we,
Stay strong, love.

Winter Wonders

Feel the chill of the December wind,
That rushes between your legs,
That makes you shiver in the cold,
Wanting someone to share your warmth,
In the sheets of a bed too large for one,
Your urges steer the direction of your heart,
Making you cringe at the thought of being alone,
For another merry holiday season,
Whether your Christmas be white or yellow,
One thing maintains around the world,
The winter winds come to whisk you away,
To a saharan love or an arctic shudder.