Define A Man

At what time do we change,
Give up our petty, childish ways,
Throw away the pretentious pride
That forces our deeper emotions to hide,
The way we behave, we can’t even choose,
Targeted and labelled for the things we do,
Given guidelines and directions for thinking and then
Being told we can’t call ourselves “men,”
Because men are tall, strong and brave,
And unlike women, allowed to misbehave,
Don’t have small hands, or a small waist,
But should have loads of hair on his face,
Confident and fearless, muscles abound,
Getting inside every girl around town,
Bringer of bread, taking food through the door,
Fall short of any of these, you’re not a man any more,
They want the perfect man, the constraints they made,
I don’t believe in perfect, but I’m a man anyway,
Because I think for myself, know my own worth,
Not measured by age, size, mass or girth,
My frequency of women, nor my wealth,
Because before anything else, I love myself.


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