Touch the Sky

Making my way around,
Clothes on my back, luggage in hand,
About to leave this town,
A set of trials to pass through before
I put on my sky gown,
The searching, scanning and screening,
Before I would eventually be allowed,
To board the big metal bird,
In my mind, a shimmer of doubt,
Leaving the runway, into the sky,
Fighting the wind, the engine shouts,
Climbing the air, escaping the land,
Stomach turning, ears fearing something loud,
Eventually, it eases, the tension I feel,
As we smoothly carve through the clouds,
And for a while everything is calm,
Till the time came to descend to the ground,
And for the time we were getting close,
My heart slowed, large intervals in each pound,
Then the wheels touched, the flight is over,
Yet another awaits, a connection to be found.


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