Infinity Thinker

Morning breaks, the sun shines,
Onto my face, it wakes the lids of my eyes,
From few inches off the floor, I rise,
Eyelids heavy, arms heavy, hear heavy,
The sounds of footsteps and murmurs ready,
To boil my blood of resentment, ever steady,
As whispers shake the thin walls around me,
My own whispers only delivered back to me,
Rehearsing the day, I recall what must be done,
Business is in attendance, absent all fun,
Work the whole day, pushups or run?
Repeat the cycle again with the sun,
But I am only one,
Their significant others to share,
All of that tender loving care,
My hugs and embraces only come from the cold air,
Whispers only to my pillow, it cannot respond,
Spoils of labour, shared amongst myself,
Food for survival attain my own shelf,
Making a hut on land once claimed by beasts,
Who still litter the floor with their waste,
But my legs can manage the weight I carry,
Because any added weight is unnecessary,
But the whispers still linger,
Troublesome pest, to the infinity thinker.


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