Echoed Songs of a Blue Bird

Birds of Twitter flock together,
Different people trying to be the same,
The same people who despise their differences,
Similar bigoted notions that differentiate.
Because they’re all saying the same things really,
Saying different things in the same way,
In their attempts at dominance and false esteem,
And copied words to show how they feel.

Individuality is ill.

The good, the bad, the in-between,
Each with their own sense of morality,
But power exists where we place it,
And I will never place it where:
Ignoring someone is “dominance”,
Cutting ties is “development”,
Beauty exists only by comparison,
Wise words are derived from obvious observation,
And the list goes on…

Strong birds fly on their own,
But some of us won’t even hatch,
Their rotten yolks are covered by glistening shells,
But their shells were meant to be broken.

Individuality is dying.


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