Chant of the Alphabet

All the days I lay awake,
Blood in my veins never taking a break,
Caressing my shoulders as they strain,
Dying slowly with every breath.

Easily the hardest thing I’ve done,
Feeling the heat under the sun,
Gazing through ultraviolet rays,
Having the least bit of fun.

Imagining the things I would do,
Just for a great moment with you,
Kill time without question,
Loving your body and soul.

Moving on to brighter thinking,
Never mind the sadness lingering
On the surface of my subconscious,
Power to the ignorance that controls us.

Quantities of emotions of lust and love,
Rising and falling as the days go on,
Savouring the memories I made,
Trying somewhat to make another one.

Under the thin layer of indifference,
Vast amounts of compassion and diligence,
Willing to share with a worthy beauty,
X’s and O’s she will be getting plenty,
Yelling my wish to the heavens,
Zero times have I been answered.


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