Some people are able to tell
That I don’t wear my glasses as
often as a should, and well…
The thing about these corrective lenses,
Is they show you everything.

The things I want to see,
And the many things I don’t,
Quickly become clear to me,
Yet I know that I really won’t
stop taking them off now and then.

Faces and places that I just
don’t care enough to want to
remember yet I know I must
make use of this tool, because…
Well glasses cost money.

When I see some I
can’t help but feel a sort of sickness,
When I see the old it’s like
Life is everyone’s terminal illness,
Which is good considering…

When I can’t see these things,
The interest in the unnecessary dies,
My mind’s effort goes to thinking,
Long as I can still see the blue skies
I’ll let everything else remain a blur.


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