Because A Man Can

“Why do you like her?
Is it her skin or her hair?”
That’s not enough to capture my stares.
I’m drawn more by her flare.

“Speaking of stares,
I know why you want her,
The breasts in her shirt
and the ass under her skirt.”
Won’t lie, those excite my girth,
But that’s never worth
The attempt of a flirt
To leave her in tears.

“So what is it then?
Personality? Nonsense.
You men want one thing, sex.”
Of course I want sex,
Everyone wants sex,
I’m human, what do you expect?
Not just man, but human,
And those oh so rare men,
Who enjoy the personality of a good woman,
Are very much here, very much left.
But I like her because I can.
As a man, I can.


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