Mortality-R.I.P. All of Us

When time can move so fast,
We have to stop and think how strange
It is that when we least expect it,
Everything can change.

We don’t usually think of our frailty,
Laying comfortably at night in our beds,
Yet each of our births had another meaning,
A gift of life and a promise of death.

We know statistics, that people die each day,
Yet for a friend, or even family member,
We try to convince ourselves that
This person could live forever.

But it’s all too sudden, one moment
Someone’s future is whisked away,
And in grief we make it our mission,
To make the best of each day.

More lives will be lost,
And much more tears will flow,
Because many of us here today,
May be gone tomorrow.

And when they are gone,
We bestow our words of gratitude,
As the sky weeps it’s tears on our tears,
Remembering the loved one you knew.



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