Lover’s Initiative

I see you there young man,
With that little phone in your hand,
Looking back and forth at that screen
Wondering if your message was ever seen,
But you know what this is right?
You’ve been waiting day and night,
Is she busy? Is she dead?
You can’t get her out of your head,
And you hope that she feels the same way
That you do, thinking about her every day.

I see you there young lady,
Thinking that this young man is crazy,
Sending a simple message seems like a bother,
And he may just be talking to another,
But you tell yourself that’s not the case,
Talking to someone else would be a waste,
Because you have all the things he needs,
And you want to be the last before he sleeps,
So you stay awake with nothing to do,
Hoping and praying he’s thinking of you.

I see both of you young ones,
Walking under the bright sun,
But you aren’t walking together,
Yet you still manage to see each other
As you make your way to your plans,
Wishing you could hold each other’s hand,
You see each other every day,
Yet you won’t stop this silly little game,
But you avoid each other and then…
The nights of waiting start over again.


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